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Introduction to Middle Eastern and Central Asian Dance

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Spring 2016
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About the Course:

Course Description

Gain a basic understanding of the Middle East and Central Asia through the exploration of dance styles to inspire dialogue about these areas of the world. Each semester will focus on three different regions and the variations of dance styles found within those regions. The fall semester will focus on the Shikhat dances from Morocco, the Attan dance style from Afghanistan, and the Kulobi and Badakhshon dance styles from Tajikistan. To supplement our dance education a weekly article or video will be assigned to encourage conversation about the complex history and culture in the Middle East and Central Asia.  No dance experience is required.

Course Objectives

This course intends to cultivate conversation surrounding the  Middle East and Central Asia through the traditional and modern dance styles of these regions. With a focus on culture through dance and music, a greater awareness of the region will be explored and experienced through the bodily form. In addition, we will analyze what dance and music mean both to the dancers and to the observers.  

How to Enroll:

First come first serve! CCN #: 88181

Course Contact: nrutiezer AT

Faculty Sponsor: SanSan Kwan

Time & Location:

TDPS 98-2Natalie Rutiezer
40Bancroft Dance StudioM 4p-6p1/25started

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