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Parklets: Design & Build

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Spring 2016
Environmental Design
1-2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This course will allow students to engage in the planning and implementation of a design-build project (parklet and artlot) in the Lorin District of Berkeley.

Students will:

 1. Be introduced to the design-build and permitting process

 2. Conduct on-site analysis and communication with clients and the community

3. Aid in the construction of a parklet and artlot

4. Create a “How-To” booklet/website that documents the design-build process to share with the city

This course will include guest speakers and FIELD TRIPS to the project site (Berkeley Lorin District: Ellis Street and Alcatraz Avenue). Lectures will guide students in the design-build process and allow students to engage with the community at the site and implement the final design through construction.

Papers: Students are required to complete writing assignments to pass the class. Assignments must be completed by the following class (e.g. Week 1 Assignment due by Week 2 class).

Writing Component: In addition to aiding in the construction process, students will collectively create a “How-To” manual/booklet that documents the parklet design/build process - abstract/introduction, community meetings, design process, permitting process, construction process, methods, challenges, results, conclusion, and a condensed step-by-step information guide for others who may be interested in building their own parklets.

Each student will be assigned a section to focus on after spring break.


How to Enroll:

Interested students must complete a survey prior to enrolling for the class. CCNs will be given to those who complete the survey and are accepted into the class during the first week.

The deadline for the survey is Saturday, January 23rd @ 12:00pm (noon).

Link to survey:

Course Contact: aramimatevosyan AT

Faculty Sponsor: Keith Plymale

Time & Location:

Arami Matevosyan
Hannah Stommel
40172 WursterTu 5p-7popen

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: ParkletsDeCal_Syllabus.pdfDec 18101kbAdobe PDF (Viewer)View Download

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