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Public Speaking for the Professional World

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Spring 2016
Legal Studies 98/198
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About the Course:

This course teaches the fundmentals of public speaking in the professional world, covering topics such as interviewing, networking, impromptu, etc. All topics are not only geared towards preparing students to enter the professional world, but also to teach students how to think and respond under pressure.

Class is taught through a series of lectures and guest speakers. A large portion of class time is also dedicated towards practice, as the only secret to learning the art of public speaking is to practice!

Students can expect three midterms (2 without prior preparation needed, 1 needing prior preparation) and 4-5 smaller assignments outside of class.

The grade for the class is also largely reliant on attendance. Because class participation is crucial to your success, each student is given three absences, to be delegated at their liking (including other midterms, illness, busy schedules, etc.). Students must show up to midterm days. More than three absences results in an automatic fail for the class.

As instructors of the DeCal, we are here because we have a great passion and numerous amounts of experience for public speaking. We believe that every student, regardless of previous exposure or natural talent, can master the art of public speaking! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

How to Enroll:

Application can be found here. Application deadline is Tuesday, January 26th at 5th. Decisions will be released by midnight of Jan 31st. Class starts the week of February 1st. 

NOTE: DO NOT email us for the CCN. You must fill out the application form and will only be given the CCN if you are accepted into the class. 

Course Contact: publicspeakingdecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Robert Berring

Time & Location:

Section 1Marnie Lowe
25TBATh 5p-6popen
Section 225TBATu 6p-7popen

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