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Learn to Fly: Private Pilot Ground School

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Spring 2016
Civil & Environmental Engineering 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The purpose of this course is to provide students with all necessary book knowledge to pass the FAA private pilot written exam and become a private pilot. "Ground school" is the first step in the process of becoming an FAA-licensed private pilot; therefore, this DeCal is not designed to teach students how to control a physical aircraft (though a PC-based flight simulator will be available at least once in the semester for students to use during a class period), but rather to prepare a student for practical flight training and delve into the world of aviation. Similar to driving school (and like all pilot ground schools), the course will be held in a classroom; the class will take at least one field trip to a local area airport and flight school as well. See our website below for photos.


All instructors for the course are students at UC Berkeley who have earned their private pilot's licenses. Some instructors are graduates of this very DeCal!


There will be weekly reading and homework. Attendance counts for 40% of the final grade (see syllabus).  A passing (>= 70%) score on the optional final exam results in an automatic "Pass". The student who scores the highest grade above 80% on the final exam will receive a free flight lesson with a certificated flight instructor at a local flight school! All grading policies are detailed in the course syllabus.


Classes will be held MW 6-8pm, 160 Dwinelle, starting on Monday, January 25. YOU MUST ATTEND THE FIRST CLASS ON JANUARY 25 TO GET THE CCNs IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR THE COURSE. Auditors are welcome (as long as we have enough seating), and receive the same course resource access as registered students.

How to Enroll:

Course Control Numbers (CCN's) for enrollment will be given out in class on the first day of class (Monday, January 25th, 6pm in 160 Dwinelle). If you wish to audit the course, let the instructors know ASAP (via email) after the first lecture so that they can give you access to the course's bCourses website.

Course Contact: jaxelrod AT


Faculty Sponsor: Joan Walker

Time & Location:

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Jeremy Axelrod
60160 DwinelleMW 6p-8p1/25started

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