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Bob Dylan's Lyrics: 1962-1966

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Spring 2016
English 198
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About the Course:


This class will delve into Bob Dylan’s earliest work, from the years 1962 to 1966.  We will start with the birth of Dylan's career as a folk-singer, and track his rapid transformation into a rock star and counter-culture icon.

Each week I will assign two students one song each.  The students will present, and then we will discuss each with the lyrics in front of us.  At the end of class I will briefly explain relevant background information for next week.  The lecture portion of class will never be more than fifteen minutes.

There will be a two-page paper due after week 6 and a 3-4 page final paper due at the end of the semester. Students cannot miss more than two unexcused classes.

How to Enroll:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I recently found out the add deadline is Feb 5th, so the first class will meet a week earlier than priorly scheduled, that is this Thursday, January 28th.  Please email me if this creates any problems.  (I will reserve a few seats in the class for those that come the following week, so they will have the oportunity to sign up the night of Febuary 4th.)  In the case of over-attendence, I will hand out a questionaire and decide who gets in the class based on their enthusiasm for the subject matter and their prior exposure to Dylan's work.

Course Contact: aja.klevs AT

Faculty Sponsor: Kristin Hanson

Time & Location:

General SectionAja Klevs
22225 WheelerThurs 7-8pm1/28full

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