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Students for Sensible Marijuana Reform

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Spring 2016
Social Welfare 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This course is designed to accomplish two goals relating to the legalization of marijuana in California: 1) raise awareness of current policies through teaching students about the social, economic, and medical effects of legalization, and 2) promote advocacy and educate students on how to become involved in policy reform. Through lectures, discussions, film viewings, and guest speakers, we hope to create an inclusive and comfortable learning environment. As well, the class will utilize Google and email for discussion posts and responses.


In order to pass the class, you must complete the following:


1. Attend class on a regular basis.

2. Respond to weekly discussion/reading responses.

3. Complete an exit evaluation at the end of the semester.

4. Write a policy proposal/analysis (1-2 pages) due on the last class.


Reading includes news articles and videos available online.

How to Enroll:

Please e-mail to reserve a spot for the course. We will enroll on a first come, first served basis - CCN's will be distributed on the first day we meet. You must come to the first day we meet even if you have reserved a spot to ensure your enrollment.

Please note that the syllabus lists our meeting dates as Mondays, however we meet Wednesdays instead; the first day of class is 2/3, not 2/1.


Course Contact: anthonyjmiller AT

Faculty Sponsor: Amanda Reiman

Time & Location:

SectionAnthony Miller
Eileen Ollivier
25Haviland 4W 5p-6:30p2/03full

Uploaded Files:

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