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Socially Engaged Engineers' SEE-Cal

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Spring 2016
MSE 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

How can engineers work for social justice in their careers and daily lives? In what ways are everyday people affected by the decisions and practices of the engineering field? Most importantly, who defines the problems we solve and the communities we serve?
These questions, as well as discussions about the sociopolitical context and underlying values of engineering, are notably absent from most technically-focused engineering curricula. This DeCal intends to fill this gap by creating a space to reflect on the impact of engineers and technologies on society and to imagine a new kind of engineering that better promotes the common good though principles of engagement and accountability.

To do this, the first half of the course will teach students about the fundamental concepts of privilege, power and inequality in the STEM field, and the remainder will be dedicated to discussions about different possible ways of applying engineering skills to tackle social injustice. Students will also participate in SEE's Designathon in October, which will help challenge them to apply the skills they learn to a current real-world problem.

This is an introductory course, and no experience/prior knowledge is necessary; if you have any interest in engineering, social justice and/or learning how think creatively, we'd love to have you!


Socially Engaged Engineers (SEE) at Cal is an organization focusing on building the concept of engineering and designing for need. Our goal is to integrate social and environmental impact with various engineering and design processes, and to maximize the positive impact that engineering, technology, and design have on the world.

To learn more about Socially Engaged Engineers, check out our website at

How to Enroll:

Any and all students are welcome! If you want to take the class or even just learn more, please make sure to attend our first meeting (2/3). We can accommodate up to 25 people, so depending on the amount of interest, you may be asked to write a short paragraph on why you would like to participate in the course.

Course Contact: bidishakroy AT


Faculty Sponsor: Oscar Dubon

Time & Location:

Bidisha Roy
Alyssa Yu
20289 CoryW 6p-8p2/03started— (lower)
53053 (upper)

Uploaded Files:

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