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Quantum Consciousness

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Spring 2016
Cognitive Science
2-3 Unit(s)



About the Course:

With the impending transition towards quantum computer technology, our physicalist assumptions of the 20th century must be augmented or abolished by new age science. Quantum Theory is based on three interacting principles: Measurement, Superposition, & Entanglement. Inspired by physics and seeking a theory of everything, consciousness must have a correspondence with these 3 axioms. Therefore, this course presents the trialist (3 part) model of consciousness: Physical, Mental, & Platonic. In order to expound the implications of combining the study of mind with quantum mechanics, Cognitive Science is used as a lens for exploration: Information Technology, Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology, Spirituality, & Biology.

Course Schedule

Unit 1 - Information

1/26 1: Quantum Consciousness & Penrose’s Three Worlds

Many Worlds, Copenhagen Interpretation, Self-Collapse

2/2 2: Computers: Illusion of Solid-State, NP-Complete, Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Computers & Universal Quantum Simulation

* Antonella Vannini "Quantum Physics, Advanced Waves and Consciousness" (2011)

* Ray Kurzweil The Singularity is Near Ch. 1 The Six Epochs (2005)

* Seth Lloyd Programming the Universe Ch. 7 The Universal Computer (2006)

* Brian Greene The Fabric of the Cosmos Ch. 4 Entangling Space (2005)

* Michael Mensky “Logic of Quantum Mechanics and Phenomenon of Consciousness” (2011)


Unit 2 - Philosophy

2/9 3: Metaphysics of Mind/Matter: Physicalism, Dualism & Trialism

Double-Slit Experiment, Wave-Particle Duality & the Particle Illusion

* Justin Riddle "Mind/Body/Spirit Complex in Quantum Mechanics" (2014)

2/16 4: Epistemology of Qualia: Deduction, Induction & Abduction

First Order Logic, Bayesian Inference & Quantum Logic

* David Chalmers “Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness” (1995)

* Plato The Republic IV. Justice in the Polis (380 BC)


Unit 3 - Linguistics

2/23 5: Metaphors, Universal Grammar & Linguistic Relativity

The Rheomode, Pilot-Wave & Hidden Variables

* Robert Anton Wilson Quantum Psychology Ch. 13 E and E-Prime (1990)

* David Bohm Wholeness & the Implicate Order Ch. 2 The Rheomode (1980)


Unit 4 - Psychology

3/1 6: Introspection: Automaticity, Attention, Psychosomatics & Cognitive Therapy

Quantum Zeno Effect & Counterfactual Measurement

* Michael Talbot The Holographic Universe Ch. 4 I Sing the Body Holographic (1991)

* A. R. Luria The Mind of a Mnemonist Ch. 6,7 His Control of His Body/Self (1987)

3/8 7: Extrospection: Dreams, Out of Body Experience, Collective Unconscious

Holograms, Fourier Transform & Resonance

* Carl Jung Collective Unconscious & Archetypes Sect. The Concept of the Collective Unconscious (1959)

* Edgar Mitchell "Quantum Hologram and the Nature of Consciousness" (2011)

* Luis Minero Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience Ch. 5 Extraphysical Consciousness (2012)


Unit 5 - Spirituality

3/15 8: Mysticism, Religion, Occult, Reincarnation, New Age Movement, PNSE

Scientism, Quantum Conception of Humanity

* David Bohm Wholeness and The Implicate Order Ch. 1 Wholeness & Fragmentation (1980)

* Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha Theory "I" Ch. 5 The Recognition and Discovery of "I" (2006)

* Dalai Lama The Universe in a Single Atom Ch. 3 Emptiness, Relativity, & Quantum Physics (2006)

* Jeffery Martin “Clusters of Individual Experiences form a Continuum of Persistent Non-Symbolic Experiences in Adults” (2012)


3/22 Spring Break


Unit 6 - Biology

3/29 10: Microtubules: Nonpolarity, ORigin of Life, Biological Qubits

Quantum Coherence & Decoherence Free Zones


* Terence McKenna The Invisible Landscapes Ch. 4 Toward a Holographic Theory of Mind (1975)

* Rhawn Joseph "Quantum Physics and the Multiplicity of the Mind: Split-Brain, Fragmented Minds, Dissociation, Quantum

Consciousness" (2009)

4/5 11: Brain: Synapses & Gap Junctions, Neural Oscillations

Orch-OR: Oscillating Classical & Quantum Computing

* Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff "Consciousness in the Universe: Neuroscience, Quantum Space-Time Geometry and

Orch-OR Theory" (2014)

* Stuart Hameroff, Deepak Chopra "The Quantum Soul: a Scientific Hypothesis" (2012)


Unit 7 - Fractals

4/12 12: Crystals: Vibration, Integrated Information, Frequency Fractal Computing

Quasicrystals, Penrose Tiling & E8-Lattice

*******   RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC DUE   *******

* Justin Riddle “Fractal Cognitive Triad: A Theoretical Connections between Cognition and Neural Oscillations” (2015)

* Klee Erwin "A New Approach to the Hard Problem of Consciousness: A Quasicrystalline Language of Primitive Units of

Consciousness in Quantized Spacetime” (2013)

4/19 14: Time: Golden Ratio, Feigenbaum Constant, Holarchy, Cycles of Time

Digital Computer (Body), Quantum Computer (Mind) & Fractal Computer (Spirit)

*******   RESEARCH PAPER DUE   *******

* Jeffrey Schwartz The Mind & the Brain  Ch. 10 Attention Must Be Paid (2002)

* Henry Stapp Mind, Matter & Quantum Mechanics Ch. 10 A Quantum Conception of Man (2004)

* Dale Graff Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness Ch. 7-8 The Magician, Silver Shell (1998)

4/26 9: Prof. David Presti

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Faculty Sponsor: David Presti

Time & Location:

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2580 BarrowsTh 6p-7p1/28full
QuantumConsciousnessJustin Riddle
60155 Kroeber HallTu 6p-8p1/26full

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