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History Unrated: How to Build an Empire

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Spring 2016
history 98
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About the Course:

Empire has a long history and a bright future. From Akkad to America, from Rome to Tokyo, empire has dominated world history, and created the world we live in today. Understanding empire is essential for understanding humanity. In this class, students will learn the mechanics of empire, the actions taken in its name, and how to build their own in the modern age. It will also study the effectiveness of Imperial policies, and apply that knowledge towards creating policy today. In short, this is a class for those who love history and power.


Berkeley DeCal policy states that we are required to fail students with more than two absences. We will excuse absences if there is a credible reason and we are notified at least 24 hours before class.


Students will be expected to write summary reactions after each class. They only need to be a few sentences in length, although Students can go longer if they wish. They will also read a number of primary sources that supports the lecture material.

Final Project

Students will be required to create a visual presentation on course material, accompanied by a two-page essay on its significance. This is due on the last day of class at 11:59 pm. Prompts will be issued mid-semester.

Class Procedure

Class will open with lecture and end with a 15 minute group discussion. Class will meet once a week.

The Class is graded out of 26 points. Each of the 13 homework assignments are one point, and the final project is 13 points. In order to pass students must have done at least 11 of the homework assignments and submitted a satisfactory project, which means they are required to have at least 24 points. Extra credit will be available at the end of the semester.

How to Enroll:

Our enrollement policy is first come, first served.

Course Contact: galileoperricone AT

Faculty Sponsor: Carlos Norena

Time & Location:

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