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Modern Square Dance

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Spring 2016
Sociology 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

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This isn't the kind of square dancing your grandparents did (or you were forced to do in elementary school gym class).  Modern square dancing is a complex and intricate danceform with many possible calls and dozens of formations. Also, you can dance to any music from country to Lady Gaga. Square dancing is physically energizing and mentally stimulating and is a great way to have fun with friends and work as a team.

Square dancing is a communal dance in which eight dancers move in harmony to create cool patterns. The dancers can do this spontaneously because there is a set of calls that all of the dancers know.  In this DeCal, we will be learning the Mainstream call list, which will allow students who complete the course to dance at any Mainstream square dance club or convention in the world.

Here are some videos of modern square dancing:

The first is a patter (people dancing the step to music), the second is a singing call (where the caller actually sings, and the dancing is a bit faster).

Since it is important that all of the dancers know the calls, attendance is mandatory and only two absenses will be allowed. There will be brief quizzes at the beginning of each class to check that all the calls from the previous week are known. There will also be a few readings on the history of square dance and discussion about where square dance is today. At the end of the course, all of the students will write a short call sequence and we will dance them on the last few days.

How to Enroll:

Square dancing is a community activity: the more people, the better! Please email with the subject "Square Dance Decal" if you are interested in taking the course. We will accommodate as many people as we can fit in the space.

Course Contact: levineds AT

Faculty Sponsor: Brian Powers

Time & Location:

Daniel Levine
40230 Hearst GymTh 7p-9p1/28full

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