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Intro to Counseling

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Spring 2016
Social Welfare 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Thinking of becoming a professional counselor? Interested in increasing mental health awareness on campus? Have a friend who always goes to you about his/her problems for support and advice? Want to learn marketable skills, such as empathy, active listening, and verbal communication? Want to engage in self-care techniques?

Want to have an easy, fun 1-unit DeCal class?


This course aims to present you the possibilities of counseling/clinical psychology and to increase campus awareness of mental health issues. We seek to create a safe and open atmosphere to discuss about counseling and mental health in hopes of decreasing the stigma. 


We will offer hands-on practical counseling experience based on the Rogerian Model of Peer Counseling. At the end of the course, you should be able to feel empowered in helping and counseling others on real-life problems

How to Enroll:

(Updated 1/20/16) Our application is closed. We will get back to you shortly!

Course Contact: yunru.phua AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Adrian Aguilera

Time & Location:

SW 98/198[?]
Yun Ru Phua
Kelly Trinh
25Haviland 2W 6p-7:30p2/01full

Uploaded Files:

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