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Intro to Organic Gardening and Food Justice

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Spring 2016

2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

The Student Organic Garden is located north of campus on the corner of Walnut and Virginia. Classes typically begin 5 minutes past Berkeley time. For example, if a section begins at 3:00, tardiness is noted after 3:15. Please note that the sections listed above are liable to change according to student attendance/availability during intro week (first week of February). Section facilitators will determine this change in the first week and inform all students before Week 2 of classes; the DeCal website will also change accordingly. 

This course is designed to both introduce new gardeners to the basic theories and methods of organic gardening, as well as provide an opportunity for more experienced gardeners to practice their skills and grow organic food. Above all, in our class we hope to inspire students to become intimately engaged with what they eat, through hands on experience in horticulture, compost, garden design, seasonal planning, and exposure to the local food justice movement.

Grading: In order to pass this course students must meet 3 requirements:
1) Attendance
- students are alloted 2 excused absences
Seed-to-table project - During the course of the semester, you will be expected to complete one 2-5 minute presentation on the food/crop/ingredient of your choice and bring a snack to class that includes that ingredient. Your presentation can cover the food’s cultural history, use, and any other interesting facts that come up during your research. The most important part of this requirement is to have fun and learn about a food that you enjoy!
3) Volunteer hours
- Each student is required to complete 10 hours of garden-related activities outside of the decal.



How to Enroll:

PLEASE NOTE that the syllabus indicates that the first week of classes is FEBRUARY 1st.

Enrollment in each section is limited to approximately 20 students and, ultimately, dependent upon facilitators’ capacity. The goal of SOGA Garden is to give ALL students hands-on experience in gardening activities, no matter their skill level. Accordingly, we will try to accommodate any student with a desire to join this course. TO ENROLL: please attend the first day of your section during the first week of February. Facilitators will give you a CCN after this first class.

For other concerns regarding enrollment, email Sara Cate Jones at 

Course Contact: sajo1094 AT


Faculty Sponsor: Kathryn De Master

Time & Location:

Section 0020SOGA GardenM noon-2p2/01full
Section 120SOGA GardenTu 2p-4p2/01full
Section 228SOGA GardenW 10a-noon2/01full
Section 520SOGA GardenF 10a-noon2/03full
Section 620SOGA GardenF noon-2p2/03full
Section 720SOGA GardenF 2p-4p2/04full
Section 820Student Organic GardenTh noon-2p2/04full
Section 920SOGA GardenW noon-2p2/03full

Uploaded Files:

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