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Catholic Social Teaching

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Spring 2016
Social Welfare 98/198
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About the Course:

From Martin Luther King Jr to Mother Teresa to Cesar Chavez, Christian theology has inspired social movements with incredible consequences. While social justice is often considered a secular concern, the Catholic Church has a long and rich history of service, activism, and social change. Officially established in the 90s by the US Convention of Catholic Bishops, the 7 tenets of Catholic social teaching will serve as a backbone to our exploration of what social justice means in the lives of Catholics.

This DeCal will investigate the 7 tenets, their contemporary implications and applications, their roots in the Gospel, and their call to action. Through this combination of doctrine, history, and action, the class will grow together in our personal and communal understanding of social justice and the incredible strengths of faith-based action and organizing in creating a more equitable society.

We welcome people of any and no faith background, as we hope that the CST DeCal be one of rich, diverse dialogue.

Course Requirements:

  • Attendance - 2 excused absences or 2 unexcused tardies (leave early/arrive late).
  • Active Participation - Actively engaging in the readings, during class, and through a minimum of 2 service and/or community outreach events. 
  • Required Readings - Students should come to class ready to discuss and build upon their knowledge of the readings!
  • Student Duo Facilitation - Students are required to co-facilitate a discussion section in groups of two students. 
  • Final Project - Can take form of academic paper, video, presentation, or creative project.

How to Enroll:

We welcome people of any and no faith background, as we hope that the CST DeCal be one of rich, diverse dialogue. If you are interested in enrolling in the DeCal, please attend our first class on Monday, February 1st.  CCNs will be given out then.

Course Contact: cstdecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Amanda Reiman

Time & Location:

Anna Costello
Fiona Morrison-Fleming
162 HavilandM 6p-8p2/01started

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