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Fermentation: "Culturing" Your World

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Spring 2016
NST 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Course Description:

This course will offer students a unique perspective to the wonderfully complex, flavorful and practical world of fermentation. From the bread and cheese at our table, the vinegar and soy sauce that flavor our condiments and even to the wine, coffee or beer that fill our glasses, fermented foods (those that have been introduced with beneficial bacteria or fungus) have become culinary staples that transcend geographical cuisines.

Each lecture-based class will focus on a specific food, highlighting its history, its creation process, and its cultural impact around the world. In addition to introducing students to a new type of food that they may be unfamiliar with, this class also hopes to incorporate the impact that fermentation has had on cultures across the world, including countries in East Asia, Europe, and more.  This course will be a great learning experience for those looking to explore new foods and a food concept that is not commonly discussed. We will supplement classes with demonstrations, tastings and guest speakers who are experienced in the industry. By the end of the semester, we hope that students will be equipped with the practical skills needed to ferment their own foods as well as understand how those foods fit into the overarching themes of fermented foods: flavor complexity, preservation, and nutritional benefits.

Course Structure:

The class is structured in two parts that will include (1) History and Culture (2) Creation Process of Fermented Food. Each week will include a one-hour assigned at-home reading.

NOTE: The class will offer extra-credit opportunities through optional educational field trips.

Class time: Every Wednesday, 6-7 PM

First class: February 3, 2016

How to Enroll:

Email us one paragraph on why you are interested in this course. Please also include your experience with fermented foods and/or with experiencing a different part of a culture through food. You must CC all co-facilitators in the e-mail. Thank you!

Course Contact: AT

Faculty Sponsor: Kristen Rasmussen

Time & Location:

ClassVictoria Jing
Cindy Ma
Leyi "Hailey " Zhou
Agnes Zhu
302030 VLSBW 6p-7p2/03full

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