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UGBA 198: Marketing & Networking (aka Internship Recruiting)

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Spring 2016
UGBA 198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

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Course Overview: 
In today's digital and globalized age of virtual communication, social media has become an instrumental marketing platform. Complementing social media is social networking, in which highlights the importance of digital personal branding. In this course, we will explore social media marketing and networking, and their applications in the modern world and personal branding. This will be the third and final time the course will be offered.

Goal of this course? 
In short, help you land an internship in marketing for the upcoming summer (or career for graduating seniors). Our former students have landed summer internships from top companies such as LinkedIn, T-Mobile, and CBS Interactive, to name a few. I cannot make this promise for everyone, but I am confident that you will become a more competitive candidate entering the recruiting season.

Top companies including Google, Square, Autodesk, Adobe, UC Berkeley, and Haas School of Business have collaborate with the course for the capstone project. In another project, students interviewed with marketing professional from over fifty companies, including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Netflix, to name a few.

Course Instructor's Background: 
Tai is currently a fifth year student studying Business Administration. He has managed and consulted the marketing for Fortune 500 companies. He is a regular contributor for Forbes and LinkedIn. Tai has also been recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice and Forbes 30 Under 30 for Marketing & Advertising. Learn more about Tai via LinkedIn.

What Do Former Students Say About This Course?
"I love how enthusiastic and knowledgeable you are about social media marketing and networking. You really ignited a passion within me and inspired me to pursue marketing despite my degrees in media studies and sociology. I absolutely loved this course. It definitely gave me a competitive edge for my first recruitment season. Without many of these courses, I would have never been able to anticipate behavioral, technical, and case questions." -Anonymous Evaluation

"Overall, I really enjoyed this class and found it extremely valuable in learning about social media, marketing, and networking. I found this course to be an all-encompassing how-to lesson for marketing students to 1) acquire an internship and 2) excel once they secure an opportunity." - Monica C.

"I am grateful that I was able to get into this class because of what I learned. I would talk to other non-enrolled students about this class and often they responded with excitement. I got comments like “You’re in that?!” or “How is it?!” I can see where there are others very interested in the material and hope that this DeCal become larger or occurs more often." - Alexis M.

"This DeCal is very structured, relevant, and helpful overall. I appreciate the instructor for maintaining flexibility in the topics we go over in class to make sure the course addresses the topics that we want to learn about the most. The speakers are amazing and provide a more practical perspective on social media marketing, compared to the more theoretical material we learn in class. Office hours are extremely helpful and it would be great to have more next year." - Lilian C.

"Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed taking this DeCal. My favorite lectures were about metrics, recruitment, and professional development. Utilizing the key concepts covered in not only these, but all lectures made me a more competitive applicant to internships that were previously out of range. I cannot wait to apply this material to my social media consulting and marketing internships this summer!" -Kaitlen N.

"The Social Media Marketing & Networking has been one of the most informative practical classes that I have taken at UC Berkeley. This class, as my first Decal class, was much more interesting than what I had anticipated. The main difference between this class and other classes is that the instructor has done a great job bringing real life cases and examples into the class. The instructor used personal experiences in order to convey the message of the class to the students." -Erfan O.

"This class has also been extremely helpful in my job search and developing my LinkedIn profile. I’ve been able to improve my resume significantly and I’ve seen a lot of activity during the application process for many companies. During my internship search for this summer, I prepared utilizing tips we’ve discussed in class such as the STAR method and the 4 P’s. I’ve been able to land a very competitive internship at CBS Interactive by framing my past experiences using the STAR method in relation to qualifications for the position I applied for. Overall the discussions you’ve provided about the importance of preparation have definitely helped me a lot during the application process." -Nathan V.

Marketing & Networking Topics*: Social Media Marketing, Platforms, Metrics, Content Strategy, Campaign Strategy, LinkedIn Development, Marketing Career, Internship Q&A, Speakers Series.

*Topics listed are tentative, AND may or may not be covered in the course. 

How to Enroll:


Q. What is the course availability?
A. Approximately 50 seats. In the previous semester, the course had 1.1k interested students, 180+ applicants, and 60+ accepted students. 

Q. How can I learn more about enrollment?
A. Please register via this FORM. Enrollment details will be communicated through emails registered on the form above. Stay updated with the Facebook EVENT.

Q. Will there be an application process?
A. Yes, there will be an application process.

Q. What could I do to increase my odds of standing out during the application process?
A. You can follow and engage with my online publication, LinkedIn and Forbes, and Twitter.

Course Contact: taitran AT


Faculty Sponsor: Zsolt Katona

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Lecture 1Tai Tran
50Cheit C110Th 4p-6p1/28full

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