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Eat, Drink and be a Foodie: Social and Cultural innovations in the Coffee & Wine industries

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Spring 2015
SOC 98 / 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Hello everyone! 


This DeCal class aims at introducing students to the business, cultural and social innovations of California coffee and wine.  The course is broken down into three parts.  In Part I, students will explore the industry outlook of coffee making. In Part II, the business and cultural world of wine will be introduced; the history of California Wine, the general facts of wine-making, the comparison of old and new wine, the taste of wine, and coffee and wine consumer communities. In part III, students will learn about how open innovation plays a crucial role in the food and wine industries. This includes a co-creation of culinary experiences and contemporary food-wine-coffee start-ups in Silicon Valley.


Students will have an opportunity to learn about the historical and contemporary issues of coffee and wine, dining and drinking culture.  This learning will lead them to appreciate a coffee/wine journey from coffee farms/wineries to tables and also to enjoy the full culinary experience.  As a young generation, it will be also important to cover the upcoming and uprising coffee and wine related start-ups to comprehend what’s new in the world of coffee and wine.


The class is structured in three parts that will include (1) lectures about the coffee and wine industries, (2) restaurant-coffee-wine entrepreneurs as guest speakers, and (3) class fieldtrips to wineries to understand the process of winemaking from a business standpoint.

How to Enroll:

The class is now full. Thank you all for your interest in joining our DeCal! 

We will be sending out CCNs by Saturday, January 24th.

The first class meeting is on Thursday, January 29th.

Course Contact: nsuissa AT

Faculty Sponsor: Linus Huang

Time & Location:

Section 1Nicolas Suissa
30Dwinelle 183Th 7p-8p1/29full

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