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Brasil 2014

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Spring 2014
Portuguese 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

"Brasil 2014" will introduce a new perspective of Brazil today that is portrayed by  national newspapers, international media, and the voice of the people. We will discuss different topics related to the socioeconomic impact of Brazil’s development in the 21st century with a focus on the international events (such as the the World Cup and the preparation for the Olympics). Through interactive lectures taught in Portuguese and English, students will engage in socio-political, economical, and cultural discussions about current events happening in today in Brazil. Students will enhance their proficiency in the language, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural knowledge through short written assignments and peer-to-peer interaction in class. This class is for Portuguese students determined to enhance their ability with the Portuguese language, and native speakers to get in touch with the Brazilian community at Cal.

Hope to see you there!


How to Enroll:

Before enrollement: Please email with a quick blurb with your name, grade, major, level of portuguese. 


CCN SPA 98: 86202

CCN SPA198: 86328


Course Contact: rdemoraes AT

Faculty Sponsor: Candace Slater

Time & Location:

Brasil 2014Rodrigo J De Moraes
25243 DwinelleTu 5p-6:30p1/21started86202 (lower)
86328 (upper)

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