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Energy Efficiency and Alternative Fuels

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Spring 2013
Energy and Resources Group 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

In simple terms, this ENERGETIC course will give an introduction to energy topics and explore the social, environmental and economic consequences of our carbon-based economy.  We depend on energy to fuel our cars and airplanes, grow and transport our food, light our cities, warm our homes, cook our food, and power our machinery, appliances, and electronics. As we continue to deplete our energy sources (and pollute our air and water in the process), the challenge to satisfy our need for energy continues to mount. How will our generation respond? 

We will use guest speakers (from PG&E, East Bay MUD, Lawrence Berkeley National Labratory, and more), article presentations, fun group projects, involved debates, and films to explore the energy cycle - tracing its origins, distribution, consumption, and waste.  We’ll also calculate our personal carbon footprint as well as learn about the many opportunities available to become more energy efficient.

This course is facilitated by PowerSave Green Campus Program interns. The Alliance to Save Energy’s PowerSave Green Campus Program is a student-led initiative that educates the campus community on energy efficiency, achieves energy savings, and encourages the next generation of energy efficiency professionals by building pathways to green careers, realizing measurable energy savings, infusing energy concepts into acadmic curricula, and promoting energy efficiency outreach. For more information about UC Berkeley’s PowerSave Green Campus team, see:

Feel free to look through the syllabus (open to some changes) attached below for more informaiton.

How to Enroll:

The first day of class will be 1/30.

The enrollment procedure will be as follows: The class capacity is 30 students. If 30 or less students show up on the first day, we will hand out CCN’s on that day. If more than 30 students show up, we will ask you to write a few sentences explaining why you would like to join the DeCal. We will choose students based on their explanations and e-mail out CCNs. It is rare that we have more than the class capacity show up on the first day so we are hopeful that we can give our CCNs on the first day. Students may not join the decal after the first two classes have taken place.  

Course Contact: manon AT

Faculty Sponsor: Dan Kammen

Time & Location:

Energy DeCal[?]
Manon von Kaenel
303105 EtcheverryW 4p-5:30p1/30started

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