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Introduction to Creative Thought

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Spring 2012
Practice of Art 98 / 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This is a class about making and discussing art in a significant way, geared towards students in departments other than art.  The goal is to make art something that is tangible and enjoyable, instead of intimidating or pretentious. Activities will consist of short writing assignments, two art projects, and daily class discussions.


How to Enroll:


Email an application to before 6pm on Friday, February 3rd. The application should include your name, major, year, and a paragraph-length answer to the following question:


Why aren’t we asking you why you want to take this course?


If you are accepted, then you will be notified by Monday morning (February 6th, 2012).

Course Contact: artdecalberkeley AT

Faculty Sponsor: John McNamara

Time & Location:

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Julian Harake
30701A WursterTu 5p-7p2/07started

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