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Contemporary Issues of Filipino-Americans

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Spring 2012
Asian American Studies 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

As a backgrounder, Filipino-American history dates back to 1587, when Filipinos landed in Morro Bay, California. Since then, Filipinos have built and established communities in America and have developed a distinct culture—a Filipino-American culture. Filipinos are the second largest Asian minority group in California and yet, the stories of Filipino-Americans are not portrayed in mainstream media or readily available in history books. With this course in mind, students will be given an opportunity to learn about the contemporary Filipino-American experience and explore a variety of issues affecting Filipino-Americans today.

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1Jordan Medina
Maria Vallarta
20B56 HildebrandTu 5p-7p1/31started05376 (lower)
05538 (upper)

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