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Beginning Chinese Dance

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Spring 2012
Asian American Studies 98/198
1-2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

- A Little Bit About Us -

This DeCal is sponsored by Fei Tian Dancers (FTD), a performing arts club founded at UC Berkeley in 2003. FTD established this DeCal with the objective of providing resources for Berkeley students to gain a greater understanding of Chinese culture through dance. We have not only offered years of DeCal courses, but also performed around the Bay Area, choreographed our own routines, and collaborated with outreach groups such as Chinese Adoptee Links International and Families with Children from China to introduce young children to Chinese dance.


Dance: Each class session will start with a warm-up routine, followed by instruction of a full length/shorter dance piece. The ethnic group characterized by each piece will vary by semester, so this class can be repeated in future semesters for credit. This semester, the two Chinese ethnic dances we will be teaching are: Tibetan and Dai 

We will provide you with background information to help you better understand the relationship between dance, regional culture, and lifestyles in ethnic China, as well as the reasons behind the different movements and nature of the dances.

Outreach: The purpose of our outreach program partnered with Families with Children from China is to teach young children adopted from China the dances we are learning, as well as mentoring and bonding with them. We will hold 2 outreach sessions per month from September to November. Students taking the class for 2 units are required to attend at least three sessions.

Decal Showcase: At the end of the semester, you will get to show off the amazing dances you learned! The performance is a fun chance for friends to see we have done in the class. More details about the logistics of the show will be given later in the semester. Participation in this show mandatory. 

FTD Showcase: This semester, FTD will be hosting a showcase. You will have the opportunity to perform on stage with other dancers and experience the fun production process. Participation in this show is mandatory. 


This class can be taken P/NP only. There are no tests of any kind. Since the focus on the class will be on the dances being taught, each class session will extend upon the previous ones and attendance for 12 sessions will be imperative!

In addition to attending classes, students are expected to complete a short paper and group presentation.


How to Enroll:

You must attend the first class on Thursday, Feb 2 in 110 Wheeler. 

Course Contact: decal.chinesedance AT


Faculty Sponsor: Keiko Yamanaka

Time & Location:

1Charlotte Young
40110 WheelerTh 5p-7p2/02started05391 (lower)
05553 (upper)

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