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Berkeley Political Review: Introduction to Writing for a Political Magazine

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Spring 2012
Journalism 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The Berkeley Political Review is a nonpartisan political news magazine that publishes news analysis, current events, opinion, and political humor. The publication strives to approach pressing political issues and events of the day with fair, balanced, and intelligent analysis.


This class will introduce students to the world of political reporting and writing for an audience. Specifically, students will learn about the processes of content development, writing, and production that go into creating a political news magazine.  Over the course of the class, we will be discussing how to formulate and develop a story idea, the research and interview techniques involved in writing a piece of political news analysis, the basic mechanics of such writing, and the editing, layout, and other production processes that occur after an article is written.  


Students will leave the class with two completed articles, and will also have the opportunity to publish their work online on the official BPR website ( 


How to Enroll:

Entrance to the course will be determined on a rolling basis. Admission will be based upon: 

1. A short answer to the following question: Was the resolution to last summer's debt ceiling debate satisfactory? Why or why not? Were there any real winners or losers? (250 words or less)

2. A writing sample you feel best illustrates your style and analytical capabilities. Though it need not be journalistic, a news or opinion-based submission is highly encouraged. 



All materials must be submitted electronically to <> by January 31st, 2012. Our first class meeting will take place Friday, February 3rd, from 11AM-NOON.

Course Contact: jeremypilaar AT


Faculty Sponsor: Susan Rasky

Time & Location:

General SessionJeremy Pilaar
15Matsui Center Study Room (Moses Hall)F 11a-noon2/03started

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