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ASUC Undergraduate-Graduate Mentorship Program

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Spring 2012
Public Health 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Want to know what it's like to go to Law School? Dreaming of becoming a doctor? Reaching for that MBA? What about taking the next step and pursuing another degree? Then look no further! The ASUC Undergraduate-Graduate Mentorship Program (UGMP) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to obtain individualized guidance from a graduate student. The graduate student will be a mentor who will offer advice and answers to the undergraduate who is interested in gaining more knowledge about his/her academic field of interest, the graduate school process, or just about future academic endeavors.

Participants will be expected to enroll in and attend the UGMP DeCal, which will take place every other week for an hour and a half. The class will include guest speakers and panelists directed towards providing undergraduates with information about graduate school. Mentors and mentees should meet at least once a week outside of class to reflect on course workshops and gain advice on their future goals.

This is a great chance for undergraduate students to take advantage of the wisdom and experiences of the graduate and professional degree students on campus. Not only will undergraduates learn about the graduate process, but they will also establish relationships with their mentors, bringing students with similar interests together.

It is the ASUC’s hope for the program to enhance the Cal student community’s academic potential, to close the gap between undergraduate and graduate education, and to continue the academic success of this university.

How to Enroll:

Applications for the program are due January 27th, 2012. Apply here:

The DeCal will begin in early February of Spring 2012 with a mixer to introduce the undergraduate and graduate students to one another and allow them to mingle and hopefully find the right mentor/mentee.

Time & Location:

Henna Trewn
50141 GianniniM 7p-8:30p1/30started

Uploaded Files:

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