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Modern Assyrian Culture (MAC the DeCal)

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Spring 2012
Demography 98/198
1-2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

MAC the DeCal is being offered once again due to high demand and requests from students who raved about the course last semester!

MAC the DeCal is a dynamic introduction to the Assyrian culture. One of the most unique and worthwhile courses offered at UC Berkeley. With a minimal weekly one-page reflection paper due, the work load outside of class is intentionally light so that we can focus our efforts on discussion and inquiry during class. MAC the DeCal covers an array of subjects and aspects of the Modern Assyrian Culture - including history, art, culinary, music, dance, language, politics, media and demographics, to name a few. 


How to Enroll:

The class tends to fill up quickly and no priority is given. Open as lower and upper division. 1 or 2 units offered. First come enrollment basis.

First Day of Class: 3rd week of semester  (02-6-2012)

Location: 402 Barrows

Note: Opportunity to facilitate this course in the future is also available and can be discussed in class.


Course Contact: MACtheDeCal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Carl Mason

Time & Location:

001Bianca Davoodian
35402 BarrowsM 6p-8p2/06started18202 (lower)
18227 (upper)

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