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The Psychology of Text Messaging

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Fall 2011
Psychology 98 / 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:


Course Content

            With the introduction of new forms of communication such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and text messaging, language and writing style evolved to incorporate new words, abbreviations, and symbols to express emotions in innovative ways. This course will examine how the introduction of text messaging has altered the way people interact and communicate. We will examine the history of text messaging, its effects on everyday speech and ways of incorporating these changes to communicate more effectively and efficiently. There will be weekly articles/videos relating to the focus of each week’s meeting. Each class will begin with a PowerPoint presentation and/or video, followed by classroom and small group discussions where students will discuss weekly assignments, presentations, and videos.

Course Learning Objectives and Methods of Instruction  

            This class is both a dynamic discussion of the role of text messaging as a form of digital communication and an interactive course for incorporating the topics covered to facilitate the use of this evolving technology. The students will learn through assigned readings, discussions, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and text messaging! Students will be given the opportunity to practice public speaking in front of the class as well as encouraged to practice the course material by text messaging their classmates and peers. The goal of this class is to inform students about text messaging and various ways of utilizing text messages to achieve various aims.


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Time & Location:

Main ClassJeff Crane
303105 TolmanTh 6p-8p9/15full

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