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Learn How to Play The Sather Tower Bells- A Carillon Study

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Fall 2011
Music 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The carillon is the instrument at the top of the campanile and whose music you hear everyday when you go to class at 7:50am, noon, and 6pm.  In this course, you will learn about the carillon as well as the basic of how to play it.

The course is in two parts:

1) We will study about the history and the mechanics of the carillon.

2) The students will be paired up with student instructors and have one-on-one lessons for 5-7 weeks before the final performance on the actual carillon.

Note: Attendance, a noon concert report, and performing at the final recital is mandatory to pass the class.

How to Enroll:

Please show up on the first day of class.  It is mandatory. We will give out CCNs and CECs when you are selected for the class the following weekend. 

This is what you need to know for the DeCal:

1) You DON'T have to be a music major to enroll in this class

2) We ask that you know how to read basic level treble clef music. If you can read the music (#1-4, Air to Menuet) on this link, then you're good to go:

3) If you have applied before and didn't get in, we will take that into consideration. Let us know if you have.

4) Go to the top of Sather Tower slightly before a noon concert and observe the performance (plug yours ears - it's loud!). Send us your observations of the performance along with a ~150 word paragraph response to this question: Why are you interested in learning how to play the carillon? When e-mailing, please put "DeCal Fall 10" in the subject heading. Our e-mail is If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Course Contact: calbells AT

Time & Location:

12128 MorrisonW 7p-8p8/31started

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: Decal Syllabus Fall 2011.docAug 2139kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download

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