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Batman as American Mythology

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Fall 2010
Linguistics 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The Batclass is back in its fifth year running!  Open to newcomers and veterans alike, the Batclass aims to educate and entertain those intrigued by the shadowy allure of the Caped Crusader!  The class will focus on the construction and influence of the Batman mythology from its extensive printed history to its equally impressive media background.  While much of the material and discussion will be derived from literature (that means comics!), a large portion of the semester will also be dedicated to Batman in other media, as his cultural significance is also integral to his appeal and lasting power as a mythical figure.

Just like how the Batman mythology derives its strength from various sources and influences, the class gets its strength from different points of view and levels of experience.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore Batfan and comic collector or a newbie to the Batman universe and just really liked The Dark Knight- all are welcome!  Just bring your curiosity and a keen intent to question, discuss, and debate!

Facilitator: My name is Soo!  This is my first semester officially facilitating the class and my third semester being involved with it.  To help me in my quest to fight crime and avenge my parents enlighten all willing to learn about the complex and fascinating world of Batman will be my teenage sidekicks several guest speakers, many of whom have previously taught the class and all who are frighteningly knowledgable in Batmythology.  Spandex and grappling hooks are mandatory for your survival optional!


How to Enroll:

The class is now full! If you got an email with the CCN, you're good to go! Please let me know if you're having any problems enrolling through Telebears as soon as possible!

EDIT: I've been getting a couple of emails about people who really wanted to get into the class and really need the units.  I really want to accomodate everyone who wants to get into the class, but all the CCNs have already been handed out!  However, in the case that someone who made it into the class decides not to take it, I will give that spot to someone else. EVERYONE HAS UNTIL 12 AM WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST to enroll in the class! If you do not enroll by then, I will give your spot and the CCN to someone else!

I'm really sorry for all the confusion! Hope this helps somewhat!

Course Contact: Batfamily5 AT


Faculty Sponsor: Richard Rhodes

Time & Location:

Bat-sectionSoo Shin
40242 DwinelleMW 6p-7p8/30full

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