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A Songwriter's Guide: The Theory of Popular Music

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Spring 2010
Music 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Have you ever wondered why your favorite song affects you the way it does? This course will discuss the theory of popular music from a practical perspective with special emphasis placed on learning through the analysis of hit songs from past and present. The theory covered will be applicable to many genres ranging from Beyoncé to the Beatles. You will be composing original songs throughout the semester utilizing the concepts that we cover in class. No prior music theory is necessary to take the course, but it is strongly recommended that you either play the guitar OR have some basic knowledge of the piano and can read music in standard notation.


his course must be taken as “Pass/Not Pass”. The grading for the course will be based on attendance and completion of course assignments. To pass the course, students must attend class regularly. More than 3 absences will result in a “Not Pass” grade. There will also be a short assignment due at the beginning of every class. This assignment must be turned in at the beginning of class in order to receive attendance credit for that day.  In addition, there will be 2 composition projects in the course in which students will compose an original piece of music based on the concepts learned in the course. Both of these compositions must be completed and turned in on time for the student to receive a passing grade.

How to Enroll:

Students who complete a survey (link on our homepage) will be entered in a lottery to enroll in the class.

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Faculty Sponsor: Michael Orland

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Ryan Miyakawa
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