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Hands on Practical Electronics

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Spring 2010
Electrical Engineering 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This course is designed to provide an overview of electrical engineering and electronic circuits. After successfully completing this course, you will understand how to build useful circuits from resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, batteries, transistors, and other circuit elements. You will also be able to use digital multi-meters, soldering irons, and breadboards to assemble and test circuits that have already been designed. No prior knowledge of the subject is required or expected.   Each lesson will consist of a lecture (~50 minutes) and a lab (~60 minutes). The lecture will cover necessary theoretical background knowledge and instruction on equipment use. The lab will allow you to build actual circuits using this knowledge. All materials, tools, and instructions will be provided.   Grading will be based on attendance. To receive a passing grade, you must receive credit for attending at least eight of the ten lessons. The first lesson will be held on Tuesday, February 2. The final lesson will be on April 6, assuming that no scheduling conflicts arise. For more information, please visit .

How to Enroll:

This course is not open to students who have already taken EE40, EE42, EE100, EE105, or similar coursework at other universities. Enrollment will be handled by Telebears, and the course control numbers are 25317 and 25569 for lower-division and upper-division credit, respectively. The course is worth one unit and will be held in 240 Cory from 6-8PM on Tuesday. Please be sure to attend the first lesson on February 2, or you may be dropped from the enrollment list. On the other hand, interested students who are unable to enroll should also attend the first lesson, as more spaces will likely open up. 

Course Contact: hope-instructors AT


Faculty Sponsor: Ali Niknejad

Time & Location:

Section 1Sean Soleyman
24240 CoryTu 6p-8p2/02started

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