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Life 101 from a Jewish Perspective

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Spring 2010
UGBA 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Too often recent graduates finish their college experience and find themselves inundated with decisions they need to make and not requiring the tools or the skills to adequately make an intelligent choice.  The reason the students find themselves in this situation is a matter of no one taking the time to prepare them for basic living skills.  Too often these graduates are place in a sink or swim situation and many times end up sinking.  This course is designed to give the soon to be graduates the need skills and vocabulary to make well thought through decisions.  The course will include a Jewish perspective on many of these topics as well as exploring what type of Jewish life a student wants to create outside of college. 

How to Enroll:

Attend the first class on Tuesday, January 26th to receive a CCN. 


The first class will be held at Berkeley Hillel, which is located at 2736 Bancroft Way (near I-House). 

Course Contact: kellymiz AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor David Vogel

Time & Location:

20246 DwinelleTu 4p-6p1/26started

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