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Joy of Garbage

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Spring 2010
ES 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The stuff we dispose of is important to us in many ways.  It shapes our landscapes with landfills, affects our air with incineration, changes our water with hazardous materials, and can even help our planet through reuse, reduction and recycling.  What types of materials can do all of this and how? In the affluent nation in which we live, have we created a “garbage crisis?”  Why do we have so much garbage?

This class sets out to answer many of your questions about garbage.  Throughout the course we will discuss the numerous aspects of waste management.  We will also outline WHY there are so many discards, why they are not reduced, reused, or recycled, and what you can do to change that.  We will focus on the local and national levels but also discuss some international disposal issues.  Garbage is important to everyone and we hope you enjoy this class.


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First come, first served. EMAIL FOR CCN or if interested.


Course Contact: joyofgarbage AT


Faculty Sponsor: Professor Berry

Time & Location:

Joy of GarbagePaul Baeyens
Katherine Brousseau
David Soderberg
20TBAM 6p-8p2/01full

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