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Meditation, Mysticism, and the Mind

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Spring 2010
Art, Practice of 98/198
1-3 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Meditation is arguably the most ancient, powerful, and yet simple spiritual practice in the world. It is known in various forms in nearly all times and cultures, and plays a part in every religious tradition. However, meditation need not be tied to any specific religion: meditation masters speak about it as a means, first and foremost, to know your innermost self. It is by plunging into the depths of your own being, they say, that you uncover your true inner potential and discover--to your immense delight--that profound peace, bliss, and divinity lie within you. But this concept is valueless if you do not experience it for yourself. Therefore the goals of our course are twofold: to study, and to practice. We will investigate the mystical traditions of many of the world's great major religions. 'Mysticism' here means a direct spiritual experience, and we will touch upon Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian, and Shamanic forms of mysticism. We will also compare and contrast some of the philosophical tenets of mysticism, as promulgated in these traditions, to the most recent insights into the effects of meditation on the brain and human consciousness.

How to Enroll:

We will try to accomidate everyone who is interested in the class.  Come to the first class 2/1/10 for more information. THE CLASS IS IN

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Faculty Sponsor: Katherine Sherwood

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70102 WURSTER HALLM 6p-8p2/01started

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