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"Dumbbell to Smartbell"-- The Sound Body DeCal

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Spring 2010
Integrative Biology 98/ 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

"Dumbbell to Smartbell" aka The Sound Body DeCal is course on weightlifting, sports nutrition, and muscle anatomy.  It is taught by its two founders, Ryan Chan and Vince Ferretti, who started the class to share their passions for maintaining a high level of physical health and strength.

Who is the DeCal for? UC Berkeley students who are interested in learning how weightlifting can lead to more balanced, healthy lives should enroll. Both males and females are encouraged to apply. No prior experience in weightlifting is necessary.

What students can expect to learn: Beginners should expect to gain a strong understanding of the basics of weight-lifting, including proper form, terminology, and muscular anatomy.  Advanced lifters will become familiar with the mechanics of weightlifting, including grip and body position.  By the end of the semester, ALL students will be equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to create a personalized workout program to realize your individual aims. 

IMPORTANT please note: Dumbbell to Smartbell is NOT taught in the RSF.   Often, your homework assignments will entail going to the gym to demonstrate proper form, but the class itself will never meet in there.  Rather, depending on the topic, the course will be taught through powerpoint presentations, guest lectures, and physical demonstrations.

How to Enroll:

Admissions: Historically, admissions to "Dumbbell to Smartbell" has been highly competitive.  Interested students will be required to complete a written application in class. The essay topics will be designed to gauge your overall interest in the class, your desire to cultivate a "sound body," and your commitment to transforming from a "dumbbell to a smartbell."

Absolutely no preference is given to graduating seniors or students who need an extra unit.

Approximately 30 students will be admitted.

Prerequisites: There are two requisites: 1) students possess a passion to learn and 2) students work diligently to make their personal goals come to fruition. 


I'm not interested in getting bigger or stronger.  Should I still take this class? Yes, simply put: weightlifting can transform your body. Your results depend on the type of program you select. Although weightlifting is often associated with strength training and bodybuilding, weightlifting can and should be used by individuals who are looking to lose fat and tone their bodies.  As long as you are interested in learning how weighlifting can be used to pursue different goals, this DeCal is right for you.

Well, how can I maximize my chances of being admitted? We'd recommend approaching the admissions application the same way you'd treat an interview.  Do your research and demonstrate your interest.

How can I learn more about the class and the instructors? First, check out our website listed below and download our syllabus. Then, email us if you have any further questions.

Course Contact: dumbbell2smartbell AT


Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lehman

Time & Location:

Ryan Chan
30210 WheelerW 5:30p-6:30p1/27started

Uploaded Files:

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