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Spring 2010
Computer Science 98 / 198
3 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

UC Berkeley Undergraduate Graphics Group is a casual bunch of students at Berkeley who think the fusion of technology, art and entertainment increasingly possible today is pretty darn cool, and an area where our university lacks in available coursework. Therefore we're teaching a class through the DeCal (Democratic Education at Cal) program to introduce our fellow students to the process of producing an animated short film.


We guide them through creating a compelling story, collaborating in teams to bring their vision to life using the Autodesk Maya software, introduce speakers from companies like Pixar, Tippet Studios and Dreamworks, and finally celebrate our finished shorts with a film festival and (of course) free pizza. The great thing about UCBUGG is that taking our class isn't the end; we invite you to jump back in and join us working on advanced projects and teaching your passion to another generation of UCBUGGers.

How to Enroll:

See the syllabus on our website at

Course Contact: staff AT


Faculty Sponsor: Dan Garcia

Time & Location:

Section 1[?]
Kyle Conroy
Megan Gritzfeld
Christine Li
Daniel Ritchie
Evan Rosky
Kathryn Skorpil
20200 Sutardja-DaiTu 5p-7p1/19full
Section 2[?]
Kyle Conroy
Megan Gritzfeld
Christine Li
Daniel Ritchie
Evan Rosky
Kathryn Skorpil
20200 Sutardja-DaiW 4p-6p1/20full

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