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Spring 2010
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About the Course:

For all genders - sizes - levels of ability, disability, & curiosity - ...


This course is an introduction to a specific type of Middle Eastern dance, also known as bellydance. Through lecture, video, and physical instruction, we will examine and perform the various movements that make up bellydance.  The course will be offered as a primarily physical education course with background on bellydance throughout the world and with sessions orienting students to the concepts, history, and current state of bellydancing. 



1. To learn about, and appreciate the many movements of bellydance.

2.  To gain a beginning level appreciation of Middle Eastern music.
3. To develop a beginning level knowledge of the following:
                    *  Slow movements such as undulations, figure eights, hip circles, arm movements.
                    *  Fast movements such as hip and shoulder shimmies.
                    *  Working with veils
                    *  Introduction to dancing with zills
                    *  Movement through space, such as turns, gliding, and footwork.
                    *  Short combinations  consisting of 2-4 movements combined.

4.  Students will increase their physical fitness and health as a result of the abdominal core strengthening exercises and aerobic dancing.  Students will learn to identify and isolate muscle groups.



The class will primarily be collaborative, as dance moves are introduced and then practiced within the group.  All activities will encourage student interaction with one another, as students will learn to identify proper moves and offer advice to one another. 



Students will be graded based on attendance and their completion of two of the following activities:

·         written reflection on bellydance and the body (1 or 2 pages)

·         brief written history of bellydance in a particular region or country (i.e. Bellydance in Morocco, Bellydance in Egypt, etc.) (1 or 2 pages)

·         group of students prepares and teaches one day of dance class

·         group of students present an original dance to the class

·         written reflection on the anatomy of bellydance (1 or 2 pages)

·         student-initiated project, to be approved by the facilitator

Students may choose their two deliverables. 


How to Enroll:

Incredibly over-full.  Please take the initiative to start your own next year!  Craigslist a teacher and get it goin'!

Course Contact: akgatewood AT

Faculty Sponsor: Sylvia Guendelman

Time & Location:

Beginning55super secret dance roomTuTh 6:30p-8pfull

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