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Language Access Program De-Cal

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Spring 2010
Social Welfare 97/197
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

¿Hablas Español? Do you want to learn more about Child Welfare?

In the Language Access Program, Cal students volunteer as Spanish interpreters for Alameda County Children and Family Services. You’ll volunteer 3 hours a week and get an insider’s perspective on what child welfare workers do. Plus, you’ll get 2 units! The class will meet twice a month to discuss language access issues and listen to guest speakers. 
(Note: You must have a 4 hour block of time available in your schedule during which you could get to Oakland, volunteer for 3 hours, and come back).


How to Enroll:

As of right now there is 1 position available at the Alameda County Social Service Agency. You need to be available for one of the following time slots:

Friday 9am-12pm  

Class meetings: Every other Monday from  5-6pm, Haviland Hall, Room 201

Volunteer Work3 hours per week at Children and Family Services Agency, 401 Broadway, Oakland

Course Contact: alvarado_letisia AT

Time & Location:

Section 3Letisia Alvarado
10Haviland Hall, Room 201M 5p-6popen

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