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Students for Nutritional Advocacy and Community Wellness

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Spring 2010
NST 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

It is ironic that with the advent of modernization and our enhanced scientific understanding of nutrients, it is becoming ever more confusing to determine what is healthy to eat.  The influence of commercial interests throughout the aisles of grocery stores serves to further confound our traditional sense in food choice.  SNACWell will thus focus initially on strategies for achieving personal health through fundamental choices in diet, exercise, and lifestyle, including how to navigate a world of food often dominated by commercial interests.  Having identified goals for personal health, the scope of the course will then broaden to examine issues of nutritional health in the community such as obesity, malnourishment, and disease in lower income communities while continuing to address the politics and economics of food production.  Special attention will be paid to the importance of health education as a powerful agent of preventative medicine.  Finally, students will be encouraged to consider where their foods come from and will learn about the environmental sustainability of their food choices. 


SNACWell will consist of a short lecture to inform students of issues of nutrition and health among the student community as well as the community beyond the campus. The purpose of the lecture is to provide students with a framework of knowledge which should aid them in further investigating the finer details of personal and public health.  Discussion sections in small groups and then as a class will require students to think critically about sources of problems and practical solutions to issues pertaining to health and nutrition at the individual and communal levels.


Only one unexcused absence is allowed.  Students must notify facilitators if they need to miss class. Students have to turn in a weekly reflection paper (typed, 0.5-1 page) in response to a discussion question.  Participation is required.  Students must also turn in a final presentation in order to pass the course.


There will be several volunteer events throughout the semester and each student will be required to attend at least one. Details will be provided as the events approach.


How to Enroll:

First come, first served.

NST 98, Section 5, 64632
NST 198, Section 5, 64764

Course Contact: karen90405 AT, s_yan AT

Faculty Sponsor: Mikelle McCoin

Time & Location:

Stephanie Yan
Karen Yang
202326 Tolman HallTh 6p-8p2/04started

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