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Introduction to News Journalism

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Spring 2010
Journalism 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Introduction to News Journalism is a required course for new reporters at The Daily Californian but is open to other students as well. The course will cover basic skills for all aspects of news journalism, including reporting, blogging and multimedia production. The course will be structured as a series of workshops.

It will be facilitated by Angelica Dongallo and Amy Brooks, both former news editors at The Daily Californian.

Questions about enrollment or other aspects of the course can be directed to, or


How to Enroll:

In order to enroll in this class, you must attend the first day, whose date is TBD but will be in the week of Feb. 7. Enrollment is restricted by Course Entry Codes, which will be provided on that day. New Daily Cal hires are guaranteed admission into the course.

Course Contact: decal AT


Faculty Sponsor: Linda Schacht

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