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Sports Medicine DeCal

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Spring 2010
Physical Education 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This course involves careful examination of the human body, specifically muscular and skeletal systems, in relation to sports medicine and the  prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic-related injuries. Students will obtain basic knowledge of muscular anatomy, common sports injuries of the upper and lower extremities, evaluation procedures, physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy techniques, development of preventative and rehabilitation exercises and a general idea of how athletes are able to work through injury to return to peak performance. 


Time: Wednesday evenings (Either 4-6pm or 5-7pm, we will determine which time at the first meeting)

How to Enroll:

The first class will be held on Wednesday January 27th at 5pm in room 245 Hearst Gym. Enrollment is open to all students but priority is given to students with a strong interest in sports medicine and related fields. 

Please bring a one page (min) paper addressing the following:

- Who you are (name, year, major, extra-curricular activities, contact information)

- Why you are interested in this course

- What your expectations of this course are (ie: what you hope to learn from us)

- Any relevant courses or experience

The paper should be brought to the first class (hard copy please) and handed in to the facilitators. CCN's will be emailed out by Friday January 29th to those students accepted to the course. 


PLEASE attend the first class on Wednesday January 27th if you are interested in taking this course. We will cover the syllabus and student expectations then. If you have questions prior to the first meeting, feel free to email us at

Course Contact: sportsmed2010 AT


Faculty Sponsor: Sue Johannessen

Time & Location:

Elizabeth Forma & Nick Hatamiya
25245 Hearst GymW 5p-7p1/27full

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: SportsMedDecal2010syllabus.odtJan 2129kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download

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