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Introduction to Leadership and Organizational Dynamics

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Spring 2010
UGBA 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Created 9 years ago, the Introduction to Leadership DeCal is the longest running special interest business course at UC Berkeley. The course's founder, Haas alumnus Christopher Zobrist, noticed the dearth of opportunities for students to build their leadership skills in an academic setting. He took it upon himself to create a course that would provide students with the best tools and resources to build their leadership skills with: themselves. Through dynamic class discussions and interactive exercises, through Harvard Business Review case studies and guest speakers, we give students a hands-on opportunity to develop their leadership skills, including:

- Assessing Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses
- Public Speaking: Communicating as a Leader
- Building and Leading an Effective Team
- Decision Making, Negotiations, and Conflict Resolution
- Common Pitfalls in Leadership

2 units | P/NP | Open to all majors |

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Faculty Sponsor: Karlene Roberts

Time & Location:

Simran Chaudhry
30C335 HaasTh 4p-6p1/28started

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