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Israel and Jewish American Identity

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Spring 2010
Jewish Studies 98/198
1-2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:


Every year, enormous amounts of funds and energy are poured into organizations dedicated to creating connections between Jewish American youth and the State of Israel.  Building a relationship to Israel is perceived as a tool in strengthening Jewish identity for young American Jews.  This class will help students explore the connection between Jewish Identity and the notion of a Jewish nation-state.  This class aims to provide a safe space for open discussion and questioning which will reach beyond the usual dichotomy of pro-Israel, anti-Israel. We will spend a considerable amount of time discussing American Jewish identity and Jewish education in relation to Israel and would like to invite students of diverse backgrounds to join us.  By the conclusion of the course, we hope students will have the tools to understand and approach critically common vocabulary and clichés surrounding the topic.

How to Enroll:

Students will be selected based on a short application filled out  during the first meeting.  

Course Contact: abruner AT

Faculty Sponsor: Rutie Adler

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Section 1Audrey Bruner
25Hillel, 2736 Bancroft Way (across from BW 6p-8p2/03started

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