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Peace Corps

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Spring 2010
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community service /
field work course

About the Course:

We are gathering a group of people with a common interest in serving others for the well-being of the community we live in. This DeCal’s especially beneficial for people who are planning to apply to the Peace Corps: we hold Returned Peace Corps Volunteer panels and presentations, so we can learn the Peace Corps service projects abroad and the necessary skills for the service. It doesn’t matter if you’re not interested in Peace Corps. The course offers an outlet to public service. We have our community service events every week as well as host Peace Corps alumni panels at every meeting. In addition, we provide application workshops for those interested in applying to the Peace Corps. If you have a passion in public service and cross-cultural understanding, this is the course for you!

Our goals:

-To encourage involvement in the environment around and outside of campus

-To learn about local and global issues

-To make an impact by volunteering in the community

-To promote peace through public service

-To foster friendship on campus and in the community

-To create leaders in public service

This course is a great curriculum for anyone interested in community development, foreign affairs, international travel, developing economies, ESL teaching, computer skills training, health care development, hygiene education, agriculture & environmental studies, youth development, business development, microfinance, economic development, public service, public policy, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and leadership development.

How to Enroll:

Lower division CCN: 00578 & 00580

Upper division CCN: 00689 & 00691

Class meeting: Wednesdays 7:15-8:30pm at 210 Wheeler Hall

Required Saturday public service project 9am-12pm at 20 Barrows Hall: 3 hours / project (off-campus project sites in some weekends)

One project must be completed each month in February, March and April

Participating in our Tutoring & Mentorship Program can substitute Saturday public service project requirement.

Students will write a reflection paper (12 font size double space one page) about the presentation/discussion they learn every week. Late or missed assignments will be substituted with a participation in an extra Saturday public service project per missed assignment.

Students will pass the class only if they submit all reflection papers in timely manner or make up their missed assignment with Saturday public service project. An absence without prior approval for a make-up project may result in a "NP" grade. Late arrival or early departure may require a make-up project in order to pass the class.

Enrollment is open until the end of fifth week of instruction.

Course Contact: kenwong AT


Faculty Sponsor: Professor Hardy Frye

Time & Location:

open sectionken AMORNNOPAWONG
30210 Wheeler HallW 7p-8:30p1/20started

Uploaded Files:

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