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Batman as American Mythology

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Spring 2010
Linguistics 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This is a course for Bat-beginners and Bat-veterans alike - all those interested in investigating Batman as American mythology and beyond. As no myth exists in a vacuum and Batman's myth is historic as well as modern and ongoing, we will often compare Batman to various real-life contexts and influences. We'll incorporate various visual elements as well, such as the animated episodes and movie screenings. Course content will encompass analyzing Batman cartoons/TV shows, movies, and comics, with special emphasis on a few pivotal graphic novels which will be required reading for the class.

 (any questions? send us an email! holydecalbatman[AT]gmail[DOT]com)

The Facilitators: Liz returns for her sixth semester to educate malleable minds in the ways of the Bat, joining forces with Thomas and Blanca to form the ultimate crime-fighting (and bat-educating) trio! Batman will also pay us unannounced visits from time to time.

How to Enroll:

Please join us and sign up on the first day of class! We will go over details of the lottery and the syllabus on this day.


Also, please ONLY TAKE THIS COURSE IF YOU WANT TO. If you are just looking for units, this is THE WRONG COURSE FOR YOU. If there is any possible way that you will drop Batman for another class, do everyone a favor and DO NOT SIGN UP. You will be taking someone else's seat who really wanted to be there.

Course Contact: holydecalbatman AT


Faculty Sponsor: Richard Rhodes

Time & Location:

Bat-sectionThomas Evans-Pratt
Elizabeth Wolcott
50107 GPB (Genetics & Plant Biology)MW 5p-6p1/27started

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