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Masculinities DeCal

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Spring 2010
Gender & Womens Studies
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The Masculinities DeCal is a collaborative space where men* can engage each other on issues of gender, sexuality, race, class, power, and privilege as well as build a space in which subversive masculinities can be created and nurtured. 

In class, we will strive to create a safe, brave, and creative space to explore how our identities, sexualities, relationships, and worldviews are molded by gender. We will take as a starting point the diversity of our own experiences in order to build a community of men that can challenge the blockages and silences usually imposed by expectations of masculinity, and create a foundation for bringing our "full-selves" into our relationships and communities. Over the course of the semester we hope to build a community of self-reflective people who are open and willing to think critically, thoughtfully, and share their experiences. 

*any person who ever has, ever will, or currently does identify as a man/male/male bodied or is otherwise masculine-identified.

The main focus of the class is collaborative group engagement, but course topics will also be explored through readings, in-class activities, creative projects, practical assignments, guest speakers, and multimedia.

Themes Covered:
-Concepts of Gender:
--Understanding Patriarchy and Male Privilege
--Gendered Spaces
--Biological Sex? Social Gender?
--Heterosexism and Heteronormativity
--Queer Identities and Sexualities
--Intersections with Race, Class, Ability, and other sociocultural factors
-Health & Body:
--Men's Health and Anatomy
--Body Image
--Sexual Health and Sex Positivity
-Interpersonal Relationships:
--Friendship and Bonding
--Love, Intimacy, and Romance
--Gendered Violence
--Gender and the Family
---and more!

How to Enroll:

INFO SESSIONS! One will be held Friday 1/22 at 6 pm. We will meet in the main lobby of Dwinelle (there will be a sign) and move into an empty classroom. If you can’t make this one, there will be another on Monday 1/25 at 8 pm, also meeting at Dwinelle. At the info session, we will tell you more about why we have come to this decision, what kind of space we want to build, and answer any questions you have.


First Meeting will be on Thursday 1/28 from 6-9pm. Location to be determined.

We look forward to meeting you soon! Any question? Concerns? Don't hesitate to email!

Course Contact: amit.deutsh AT, emazor10 AT, marcoflores06 AT


Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Rita Alfonso

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