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Introduction to Commercial Journalism -- by Caliber Magazine

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Spring 2010
Journalism 98 / 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This course will explore various innovative techniques which could possibly be used to reclaim the waning readership of print journalism and forge an entirely new model for future publications. It will also explore various ways journalists can take advantage of online resources and optimize their submissions for online display.

The course will be divided into two fields: the business side and the legal side. The business side will look at concepts such as new marketing techniques, the format and layout of successful articles, and how to create unconventional ideas which will make the consumer reach for their wallet. The legal side of the course will be looking at copyright laws, what constitutes libel and obscenity, technical details of publishing, and various key Supreme Court decisions that have strongly influenced journalism and the freedom of the press.

The course also plans to provide field experience to its students by giving them the opportunity to apply the concepts described in class through the campus publication Caliber Magazine. Students will be expected to write articles as a part of their participation in the course.

The assignments in this class will consist of writing two full and professional articles to be published in Caliber Magazine, one for each issue. They will be turned in two-weeks after they have been assigned.


How to Enroll:


Please come to the first day of class, MONDAY 25th of JANUARY, and we will provide you with the CCNS. People who do not show up at the start of the class are not guaranteed a spot.

If more than 45 people show up in the beginning of class, we will undergo a random process to give away the CCNS. 

Course Contact: zarko AT, nickanastasiades AT


Faculty Sponsor: William Drummond

Time & Location:

Section 1Nicolas Anastasiades
Zarko Perovic
50170 BarrowsM 7p-8p1/25started

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