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The Middle Ages as Portrayed in Film

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Spring 2010
History 98
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The goal of this course is to examine how film portrays the medieval period.  This class will use notable films as a spring board for a discussion of medieval european (especially France and England) history and culture.  The planned topics of discussion are: the arthurian legend, the holy grail/mystical and religious symbols of the middle ages, the crusades, the effect of the crusades in england, the legend of robin hood, feudal economy, monasticism and heresy, Francis of Assisi, Joan of Arc and saints and martyrs in the middle ages.  

the films that we will be watching are: monty python and the holy grail, the sword in the stone(disney version), the seventh seal(1957), a lion in winter, robin hood (1938), francis of assisi(1961), joan of arc(1928).

there are four papers, BUT fear not.  The papers are creative assignments (the longest is three pages) that are meant to demonstrate a students engagement with the film, reading and lectures.  They are not meant to be difficult, but rather show that a student has engaged in a "dialogue" of sorts with the material.  A student will be able to receive a pass in the class if they show up to all the lectures (or compete the make up assignment) and earn passing marks on the papers.  There is reading in the class, about 10-20 pages a week.  The justification for both the papers and the reading is to make the class more than just coming to watch films about the medieval period and listening to lectures.  The papers and reading are an attempt to get students to learn something about the period as well as engage with the history.  


How to Enroll:

email me or come to the first section. :)  course control number will be given out then.  

Course Contact: kmorar102388 AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Koziol

Time & Location:

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