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Burmese Politics: Paths to Democracy (Limited seats available)

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Spring 2010
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

[UPDATE: As of 01/26, the DeCal course is nearing its maximum capacity. We have a lot more openings for our lower division 2 units than our upper division 2 units as of now. However, we are in the process of adjusting this ratio to accommodate all our fellow students. If you have difficulty enrolling for 2 units of upper division, please put yourself on that waitlist and we will automatically enroll you when that ratio gets adjusted. E-mail me for any questions concerning enrollment.]

This DECAL is a 2 unit introductory course covering Burma's past, present, and possible future from a comparative international relations perspective. We'll explore Burma's history as well as relevant aspects of its cultural and national identity before diving into comparative dictatorship and democracies between Burma and other South-East Asian states. We also discuss cyber revolutionary movements, the resource curse, and the involvement of the United Nations as well as the international community and their effectiveness. There are two movie weeks that relates to the class topics and are specifically about Burma. The last week of class is "Comparative Burmese Cuisine" and will be a sort of a pot luck. A few guest speakers are expected throughout the course including Professor Darren Zook and other NGO founders.

Course is held Mondays from 6-8 at 242 Dwinelle. Attendance is a MUST. 2 film response papers and a short final research paper constitutes the majority of the grade.

Brief outline of weekly topics:


Week #1: Introduction

Week #2: Brief history of Burma

Week #3: Religion and its role on Burmese politics

Week #4: Media & pop culture of Burma

Week #5: Movie #1 – Beyond Rangoon

Week #6: Comparative constitution/ systems of government  

Week #7: Comparative dictatorship

Week #8: Revolutionary movements compared

Week #9: Trade & resources

Week #10: Human rights & the international community

Week #11: Movie #2 – Burma VJ

Week #12: Comparative Burmese cuisine 


How to Enroll:

First come, first served enrollment policy.

PS 98 ccn# 71495 

PS 198 ccn# 71885

Course Contact: michaelgaw AT


Faculty Sponsor: Professor Darren Zook

Time & Location:

PS 198Aung (Michael) Gaw
30242 DwinelleM 6p-8p2/01started
PS 98[?]
Aung (Michael) Gaw
30242 DwinelleM 6p-8p2/01started

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