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East Africa: Public Health Perspectives

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Spring 2010
Public Health 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Within the last few decades, the international community has become more aware and concerned with public health issues in the developing world. As a consequence, there has been a growing interest in mobilizing against the barriers to proper health care that people face around the world. Yet before diving into the public health workforce, these issues of health and access should be understood in the context of the regions involved. This course aims to integrate public health issues within the cultural and historical context of East Africa, while paying particular attention to the countries of Sudan and Uganda. It will offer firsthand experiences and perspectives on the workings and interventions of public health in the developing world, and it will supplement classes typically found on campus with realistic applications.


The lectures will be structured according to the topic presented, integrating the perspectives and personal experiences of the facilitators’ time in East Africa. In addition to the lecture, there will be guest speakers and influential documentaries. Students are encouraged to actively participate during classroom discussions and activities. They will be expected to offer their perspectives and experiences relating to the topic lectured, and will be offered the opportunity to examine an NGO of their choice working on a particular public health issue at the end of the semester.


Through this course, students will gain a greater understanding of public health issues and its applications within East Africa. They will be able to discuss the various public health topics presented in each class and compare them with the historical, cultural, and social framework of countries such as Sudan and Uganda. Most importantly, students will become more aware of the workings of public health in realistic settings, offering possibilities as well as limitations in meeting ambitious expectations to improve health access in the developing world. For many, this course will form the basic development and public health knowledge useful for travels to East Africa and to other parts of the globe.

How to Enroll:

Please come to the first class session on January 27th at 6 in 79 Dwinelle if you are interested in the course. If there are many more than we can accomodate, we will have short applications.

Course Contact: jennjehnsen AT, mody.neesha AT


Faculty Sponsor: Arthur Reingold

Time & Location:

Section 1Jennifer Jehnsen
Neesha Mody
4079 DwinelleW 6p-8p1/27started

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