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CalStar Yoga

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Spring 2010
Social Welfare 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:


Throughout the semester, we will receive personal instruction from three experienced and highly skilled Yoga-teachers (Saraswathi, Claire, and Martha) on how to care for others using yoga, shiatsu, and Thai-massage techniques.  In addition to the weekly CalStar classes, three mandatory workshops will instruct us in these techniques.

The purpose of this course is to provide assistance for people with disabilities through Yoga and massage.  We’ll learn about disabilities through hands on work; short lectures and handouts will supplement and strengthen our skills and understanding.  This is a “real life” class where learning is applied and you learn through doing.

 CalStar Yoga is a program where Yoga-assistants (that’s Us!) assist people with disabilities in an authentic yoga practice. You help by assisting them into various yoga-postures, giving massages, and generally helping their bodies and minds feel really good.  They are mostly experienced yoga students and are completely comfortable with and appreciative of the work you do with them.

CalStar Yoga has been going on for several years and has an experienced and professional staff of yoga instructors. You also learn concepts during three workshops in yoga, shiatsu and Thai-massage.  Your feedback in these workshops will help determine what we learn and how we organize our class.  

As a Yoga-assistant, you will help people get up and exercise for what might be the only time of the week where they aren’t either in bed or a wheelchair.  Stretching, loosening, and relaxing the body for a few hours eases pain, increases flexibility/coordination, and helps stimulate all the under-stimulated tissues of the body.  The potential long-term benefits for people with disabilities are great.  Increased energy, stamina, flexibility, appetite, and more are possible. 

*Please note that no prior yoga experience is required to be a member of this class.* 

Please take the time to read over the syllabus for further information and to read what is expected.


How to Enroll:

Course control numbers:


SW 98:  80733
SW 198:  80841


Course Contact: mitz_tyue AT

Faculty Sponsor: Gregory S. Merrill

Time & Location:

Section 1Mitzi Yue
50RSF - Combatives RoomF 1p-4p1/22full

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