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HIV/AIDS in Africa

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Spring 2010
Anthropology 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Together we will explore the complex social, cultural, medical, economic, political, and spatial contexts of HIV/AIDS in Africa.  First, we will study the basic biology of HIV/AIDS as well as the intricacies of rural/urban community health.  Additionally, we will briefly survey the history and contemporary reality of Africa while paying close attention to the legacy of colonialism; specifically, we will consider how the legacy of colonialism has cultivated images of “Africans” as racialized, gendered, laboring and suffering subjects located within distinct institutions and conditions of possibility.  In fact, we will examine how post-colonial ideologies and hopes harbored by the global North have shaped development goals and projects implemented in Africa by aid agencies—large and small—and other organizations—governmental and non-governmental.  Furthermore, we will address and debate the ethics and politics underscoring the methodological efforts of national and international actors mobilizing to tackle the pandemic.

Keeping in mind that there are many facets to truth, this course allows students to critically engage popular theories and methods focusing on the aforementioned crisis, and most importantly, this course encourages students to develop their own opinions and initiatives.

How to Enroll:

The class will admit between 30 and 35 students.  Students interested in enrolling should e-mail the course facilitators at  Please attend the first day of class for enrollment instructions. The first day of class will be held on January 28th at 5:30p.m. in 221 Kroeber Hall.  Based on the number of people who are interested, the facilitators may require short applications.

Course Contact: HIVdecal.berkeley AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Nancy Scheper-Hughes

Time & Location:

Section 3Ryan Ballard
Katherine Rathbun
30221 Kroeber HallTh 5:30p-7:30p1/28started

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